Benefits of Effective Business Writing

1d6b_OnWriting_mThe effects of the benefits of effective business writing can be felt throughout countless different industries from numerous positions, whether as the chief marketing officer or a lowly local office manager. It may be through inter-office peer e-mail messages, or it may be in official corporate memos, but the importance of effective business writing can hardly be overstated.

Within the strictures of professionalism lies the commonly held belief that verbal communication is a skill which is applicable to a remarkably wide variety of positions and arenas, and its disciplines randing from presentations to letters, web content to informal notes, and others. Considers its pervasive nature throughout virtually any office environment, it can be difficult to pinpoint the entirety of the advantages that quality communication provides; however, there are a few especially noteworthy arenas that highlight the benefits of effective business writing.

Achieve Results

The benefits of effective business writing, in economical terms, would include the opportunity cost of all the consequences of using poor writing instead. For example, negotiating a better deal on a major office equipment lease would hardly go well if your communication was handled poorly. If you are distributing a formal request for quotes to multiple vendors, a well-polished message with high-quality writing will prove to be much more likely to deliver the desired results. Words are like tools; considering that language use is so common and universal, it should be simple to realize how important it is to be able to use those tools in a way that shapes the world around you however you wish. In business, this is quite possible, and using your words well can prove to be the difference between landing a great new contract or making a fool of yourself and getting fired.

Maintain Professionalism

Though it can seem tedious and a waste of time to master the subtleties of formatting your business letter to be block-style left-aligned, or striving to write press releases in flawless AP format, such “go the extra mile” measures will set you apart from the common ground of inferior workers and exemplify fine taste in your communications. One of the benefits of effective business writing is simply that by writing well, you show that you are a professional, and immediately earn the respect of your readers, and thus potentially your new clients or other essential networking contacts.

Impress for Success

Whether communicating vertically to a superior or delicately to subordinates, if you are unable to communicate in a clear, authoritative, properly formatted fashion, your lack of verbal skill and all-around refinement will only result in a loss of credibility and respect among those for whom you were trying to communicate your message. One of the benefits of effective business writing is never having to worry about losing your professional standing because writing is a weakness for you, or constantly fretting in anxiety over simply writing an e-mail. Sharpening your skills in business communications will bolster confidence in yourself and thus inflate your status in the eyes of your co-workers.

At the end of the day, the benefits of effective business writing may seem rudimentary, obvious, and even based on common sense, yet it is remarkable how many businessman and businesswomen continue to try and conduct their affairs without any notable skill in their writing. One factor that will separate hot-shot up-and-coming business people from their competitors will be their ability to immediately distinguish themselves impressively by way of their communication skills.

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