Great Human Resource, Great Company


In any great company, the human resources within it must also a great people. They are the main fuel of the company progress. A breakthrough in the company will run smoothly when it support by the quality of human resources.

This is highly recognized by the IPC. With pinned responsibility on his shoulders, with a big dream to be able to encourage strong growth in Indonesia`s trade by reducing the cost of national logistic activities of port , certainly human resources factors are very very important thing. In the current transformation , the presence of qualified human resources, agile, and integrity is the key to success.

Currently we have a challenge to be solve and answered appropriately, both in quantity and quality. In terms of quantity, we still have a shortage of personnel, particularly in field operations. But in terms of quality, we have answered the challenge with preparation programs short and long term to improve the quality of human resources. Improving the quality of human resources aims to align the ports of our ability with the international standards.

Such programs we do it on an ongoing basis, including recruitment has special expertise and experience in the field of harbor, training at home and abroad, as well as school development plans.

Already, we recently put back 60 employees graduated after studying abroad to strengthen the entire line of work we have. They are, we expect other than to apply what they have gained from their education, it can also be a role model for change and performance improvement company.

In the meantime, we are still doing an exchange program by sending them to countries that have a potential world-class port system. We also have a program set up 500 special education workforce associated with container operations, the ultimate goal is to eventually midset and fully oriented work culture focused on customer satisfaction.

Our company is really serious to maintain the quality of its human resources. Not just keeping all standards, but it continues to improve.

However, the most important is not our judgment of the work ourselves, but our assessment of the customers. They are the ones we hope to directly feel the improvement of all the efforts that we do for them.

I want all employees have a mutual love of each other. Good to customers and fellow co-workers. Support for their opinions and ideas for advancing the company should be given the widest possible space. If our culture is so, all employees will do the best service.

Next, we want what we have done in this IPC can be followed by other port across Indonesia. And Indonesia will more shine as a promising economic power in the international`s eye. It is our essential part of achieving that goal

Cipto Pramono – Director of Human Resources

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